About Vee

Most days, I am just me, Victoria (or Vee for short). I’m a mom to a sweet(ish) toddler and a loud dog named Noodle. I’m a wife to an active-duty Marine, and I live for photographing raw, honest, untamed moments. Since I was a young kid, I obsessed over creating stories in my head for people I would see at the beach/grocery store/walking down the block.

I picked up my very first film camera when I was 15 years old and that is when I knew storytelling through photos was where I was meant to be. My background is in counseling which brings both the human connection that I aim to have with my clients into the world of storytelling. I truly find that passion in every little detail, the stories told with little smirks, hands tracing through hair, or the eyes you make at each other when no one is looking.

I grew up in Chicago but spent my whole life dreaming about California. In 2020, I decided to become bicoastal to expand my portfolio and be able to work in both cities that I have grown to love. Ultimately, my infatuation with water may seem odd. So, why this fixation? When I stare off at the infinite blue I realize I am so much like water. Consistent but adaptable, soothing but strong, raw and wild but so full and giving.

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