I totally get it!

hiring a photographer is an investment

I have been in business for the last two years full time. I have worked over 50 weddings and have been published in numerous magazines. I consistently go to educational workshops and mentorships so that you are getting the best experience that I create. Some photos have been awarded as a top 10% in the Shoot & Share contest worldwide.

I am a full-time photographer. This is a profession for me that pays for my mortgage, bills & gas. Similarly, photography gear is NOT cheap and requires constant maintenance. All of your images are backed up multiple times. I want to make sure that all your precious moments are saved in as many ways as possible. I have dual cameras & an array of lenses so that you can get variation with your images. I do extensive editing on select images such as skin smoothing & other photoshop actions.

Our Experience.
I pride myself on answering all emails within a 12-24 hour time period. Weddings are delivered in under 6 weeks and sessions are delivered within 2 weeks. I give style guides to help you get the most out of your investment. I provide location guidance and can connect you with local top-notch vendors. All weddings will receive a welcome guide to help you navigate your day with as minimal stress as possible. I will make sure hair ties are off your wrists & everyone is ready for family photos.